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Class Amigos
Reconnect with old classmates. Share class and school photos, find old amigos and stay in touch with family.
Polish Service Store
Wide variety of popular European products, send packages and money, get airline tickets, phone cards.
located in Atlantic City, NJ
Tax and Legal Services
How to file your income tax.
It's simple to prepare tax return by yourself.
Legal and immigration services.
Tax help and advice.
Atlantic City, NJ
Web Design and Information Management Systems
Advanced Site Search
Information Management Systems

Management Systems Portfolio
   Manage Your Company With Our Management Software.
QUELL Technologies provides service of designing custom databases, information and business management systems. Custom developed software helps the user keep up with the paperwork and management of the business more efficiently. Our Information management systems are customized to the way your business works and operates.

   User Friendly Design.
The system controls your inventory, prints orders and of course works as a point-of-sale register with complete invoicing. All of the features can be customized so that you get everything that you need and nothing that you don't. All of our programs have easy and user friendly interface with all the features just a click away. Contact us for free consultation.

   Customize your Information Management System.
The following is a list of features that you may consider having in your own information management system. Don't think that our management systems are limited only to those features. We can customize and develop any aspect of the system to make it work the way your business operates.
  • multi-user design with user level security
  • multi-user design with user level security
  • password protected access
  • client / server design (access system from multiple computers)
  • information encryption
  • easy to use forms to input information
  • invoices and reports
  • invoice and report printing
  • on screen print preview
  • status reminder
  • quick and advanced search

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Auto Repair & Detailing
Xtream Automotive Auto Repair & Detailing
domestic and foreign cars and trucks repair and detailing
Pleasentville, NJ
Roesch Farm Corn Maze
Our corn maze is not just a walk in the stalks, it's adventure!
Get Lost in our
corn maze this weekend!
Galloway Twp, NJ