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Class Amigos
Reconnect with old classmates. Share class and school photos, find old amigos and stay in touch with family.
Polish Service Store
Wide variety of popular European products, send packages and money, get airline tickets, phone cards.
located in Atlantic City, NJ
Tax and Legal Services
How to file your income tax.
It's simple to prepare tax return by yourself.
Legal and immigration services.
Tax help and advice.
Atlantic City, NJ
Web Design and Information Management Systems
Advanced Site Search
About QUELL Technologies

QUELL Technologies was established in September of 1998 and it is based in New Jersey. Since then it has grown and gained some respectable customents. Our success is based on the responsibility and honesty, which you will notice while dealing with us.

QUELL Technologies is a software development company, which specializes in information management and database systems, professional web site development and hosting management, business tools and applications, calculation tools and webmaster tools. We also provide network design and installation as well as computer repair and maintenance services. Please look over our website to find out more about services that we offer.

In addition to computer technology related services QUELL Technologies provides various legal, tax and community services. We are very much so involved in Polish community in Atlantic City, NJ area. To find out more about our other services visit sites below.

Henry Limowski
President / Owner

Other websites owned an operated by us:

QUELL Technologies Income Tax, Legal and immigration Services

Income tax proparation and estimates, legal and emigration services. File your income tax from Poland.

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Auto Repair & Detailing
Xtream Automotive Auto Repair & Detailing
domestic and foreign cars and trucks repair and detailing
Pleasentville, NJ
Roesch Farm Corn Maze
Our corn maze is not just a walk in the stalks, it's adventure!
Get Lost in our
corn maze this weekend!
Galloway Twp, NJ